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Kelly F., parent

"Amy Chambers has been a true mentor and great teacher to my son. From beginning the clarinet to perfecting music for Governors School for the Fine Arts and All State auditions. She has been wonderful, we highly recommend."

Virtual Bass Clarinet Lessons

About online lessons

"I wasn't really sure that lessons via Zoom would be meaningful, helpful or effective, but it has proven to be all the things! I am a single mom who works nights, so our schedule is hectic and crazy. The online lessons have been very convenient for us. ... there has been no difference in doing the lessons via Zoom vs. in person."


Angela E., parent

"I'm so thankful my son has the opportunity to work with her. . .Mrs. Chambers is so patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful, flexible, accommodating, understanding, realistic, and affordable!. . .My son has more confidence in himself, and his musical skills/talent as a result of the lessons. I can tell a big difference in him over the past few months. . .He loves it!"

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Erica M., parent

Amy came highly recommended to us by my daughter’s middle school band director. At the time, my then 8th grader was starting to enjoy playing clarinet but wanted extra instruction and direction for at-home practice. We have been with Amy for just 1/2 a semester and my (now 9th grader) has excelled way beyond my expectations. Not only did she confidently audition for the upperclassman band seat, she got in! And is the youngest player there. Ms. Amy is kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable. These lessons were the best investment we’ve made for our daughter.

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Eli, student

"I would like to thank you for being an amazing lesson instructor and helping me through the past few months. I genuinely look forward to getting on Zoom to have my clarinet lessons every week. . .My favorite part of the lessons is improvement on things I couldn't do before. . .You have given me techniques to improve upon what I come across musically."

About Amy



After earning my music education degree from Bradley University, I started my musical career as a band director and performer.


Now, I specialize in teaching clarinet and bass clarinet students in-person and remotely from my studio in Collierville, TN.  I serve as a consultant to help other music educators and band directors feel more confident with their clarinet teaching.


When I am not with my private students, I perform regularly and serve as a guest instructor at local schools in the Mid-South.

Happy Clarineting,


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