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Cathy F., parent

"Truly one of the things I love the most about your lessons is that my teenager always leaves them happy and positive!

I'm so grateful that you were able to tap into my child's tenacious spirit and challenge her to set new goals with her clarinet playing. I credit her lessons with you for giving her the necessary preparation and confidence to overcome her anxieties and ultimately meet her goal of a successful audition."

Virtual Bass Clarinet Lessons

About online lessons

"I wasn't really sure that lessons via Zoom would be meaningful, helpful or effective, but it has proven to be all the things! I am a single mom who works nights, so our schedule is hectic and crazy. The online lessons have been very convenient for us. ... there has been no difference in doing the lessons via Zoom vs. in person."


Angela E., parent

"I'm so thankful my son has the opportunity to work with her. . .Mrs. Chambers is so patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful, flexible, accommodating, understanding, realistic, and affordable!. . .My son has more confidence in himself, and his musical skills/talent as a result of the lessons. I can tell a big difference in him over the past few months. . .He loves it!"

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Eli, student

"I would like to thank you for being an amazing lesson instructor and helping me through the past few months. I genuinely look forward to getting on Zoom to have my clarinet lessons every week. . .My favorite part of the lessons is improvement on things I couldn't do before."


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