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What are Asynchronous Lessons?

Asynchronous lessons happen on your own time.

  • After an initial 1-1 live consultation with your teacher, (that's me), I'll give the student (that's YOU) a detailed lesson plan and then the student will record and send practice videos and any questions/comments that come up throughout the week.

  • You'll receive clear feedback and guidance about exactly WHAT and HOW to practice for next time. 

  • Asynchronous lessons are not just a 30 minute long session. They continue throughout the week, on YOUR schedule. 

  • This is not a video series. This is a custom lesson, just for you, with NO SCHEDULING CONFLICTS.

  • Instructor guidance will be in the form of a weekly practice guide with detailed comments and/or video that we be emailed weekly, although I'm pretty good about giving more frequent feedback to students who request it.

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"My son has more confidence in himself, and his musical skills/talent as a result of the lessons. I can tell a big difference in him over the past few months. . .He loves it!"




 Asynchronous lessons allow YOU to get clarinet lessons with a professional on YOUR own time, without driving to lessons or being locked in to a set lesson time.



Asynchronous lessons aren't for everyone.
If you are a beginner or a student who isn't able to practice independently, then in-person or online lessons would work best for you.


What I offer

  • An enthusiastic instructor who loves teaching

  • Customized lessons for YOU
  • Preparation for specific pieces for auditions, school band, or performances
  • Access to video/audio feedback throughout the week


  • Instrument and appropriate reeds in good playing condition. 
  • Daily practicing​
  • Students send practice videos and receive a detailed lesson for the week



  • I truly want the best for each student. After the first week, if asynchronous lessons aren't a great fit, there's no commitment.​​
  • $50 individual video lesson


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