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Bass Clarinet Solos Every Bass Clarinetist Should Play: Part 3 Stolen Solos

Since the bass clarinet hasn't been in existence as long as the cello or even the clarinet, we simply don't have the volume of solo bass clarinet music that other instrumentalists enjoy. So we steal. . .err borrow. . .

Here are my top picks for my own students with at least 4 years of instruction:

  • Bach: Six Suites, Alea Publishing; these cello suites are transcribed for solo bass clarinet; some sections work well for an intermediate-level player, and some will require more advanced skill and a low C extension.

  • Cavallini: Adagio and Tarantella for clarinet and piano; this piece shows off fast fingers and an extensive range.

  • Mozart: Bassoon Concerto, transcribed for bass clarinet, Alea Publishing; although written for bassoon, I think Mozart would have loved hearing it on bass clarinet, had it existed then.


For original solos for bass clarinet, check out Part 2 of this series. If Intermediate is more your speed, be sure to read Part 1. This certainly isn't an exhaustive list; it's music on my shelf that I enjoy. I'd love to hear suggestions from other readers.

Thanks for reading! Now go practice.

Happy Bass Clarineting!


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