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Everything a Beginner Clarinetist Needs

Updated: Feb 27

Your child wants to learn clarinet. You are thrilled they want to do something besides watch

YouTube and play video games, but you aren't sure what you'll need to get them started. Sound familiar?

Choosing a clarinet and accessories can be overwhelming; there are a lot of lousy instruments for sale that will guarantee your child will have a frustrating experience. Band directors and private instructors often have their own recommendations; always check with them first.

I recommend renting or purchasing from your local music store; a local resource to help you with adjustments, repairs, and purchases is invaluable. If you can't shop local, I've provided links below.

Recommendations for Beginner Clarinet Students

  • Jupiter Clarinet: rent or purchase a beginner clarinet from your local music store. New or previously owned, the Jupiter student model clarinets are a solid choice.

  • Vandoren 5RV Lyre mouthpiece: your clarinet will come with a mouthpiece, but the quality will be hit-or-miss. I always recommend upgrading to avoid unnecessary struggles.

  • Mouthpiece cushion

  • Vandoren reeds: a box of 10 Traditional, strength 2.5

  • reed case: There are expensive reed cases out there, but my reeds have been just fine in one like this.

  • cleaning swab: Silk swabs get stuck less than the felt-type swabs.

  • cork grease

  • music stand: Manhasset stands are my favorite, but some schools require a folding music stand: The K&M extra-heavy duty folding stand is my pick, but more a budget-friendly stand could work, too.

  • Essential Elements book 1 for clarinet* Normally, I'd use a clarinet method book such as the Alfred Student Instrumental Course to supplement what kids may already be using in band, but in the absence of consistent in-person band class, Essential Elements is my choice for young students.

Now, your new clarinetist is ready to play! For information about what to expect from virtual lessons check out this post. Thanks for reading, and subscribe for more from ClarinetGeek.com.

Happy Clarineting!


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