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What you should know about online clarinet lessons

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Is your kid's instrument still sitting on the floor next to their backpack?

It's okay to give yourself a break, as we've all been in some sort of survival mode for the past few months. If you are like me, you are ready to help your children find some normalcy.

We all already know how important band is to kids, and none of us has any idea what school band programs are actually going to look like this fall. I miss my students, parents, and band director friends dearly. If your child attends one of our local schools, they might already know me.

After a couple of months of teaching online lessons, I've learned some of what works and what doesn't work with this new format. Online private lessons will be similar to in-person lessons with a few tweaks.

What works well:

  • Online lessons will give your student an intentional, goal-oriented practice routine.

  • A qualified instructor can still teach and reinforce note and rhythm reading ability.

  • Weekly lessons will give your child the tools to improve their overall clarinet playing.

What doesn't work well:

  • Playing duets simultaneously doesn't work, but we can still enjoy playing together with a little technology.

  • Tone quality doesn't transmit well over the internet, but a qualified instructor can still offer valuable advice.

Regardless of how the school situation turns out, we can all make the best of this together, even if we need to be physically apart for a while.


I know you don't know your fall schedule yet, but you can sign up for my waiting list now so you are ready for lessons. This is not a commitment; it is simply a way to get in touch when it is time to move forward with online lessons. I hope to be able to make a seamless transition to in-person lessons when the time is right.

Share with your band director friends and other normal people who are curious about online lessons. I'm just as excited to start eager beginners as I am my experienced high schoolers!

Looking forward to connecting with you soon.



Step 1: Email me at

Step 2: Include you and your child's name, grade level, and school they attend.

Step 3: Comment below and follow my Facebook page, The Music Chambers, for more clarinet resources that are coming soon!

Online Clarinet Lessons


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