• Amy Chambers

Checklist to prepare for online lessons

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Do you want to make the most of your lesson time? Here is a checklist for teachers and students to help you prepare for your first lesson.

  • Device: A laptop or tablet with good WiFi works better than a smartphone. Check your camera ahead of time to be sure the.camera is displaying your entire head, upper body, and instrument.

  • Lighting: Position yourself with adequate lighting, such as a window behind you in a quiet room.

  • Instrument: Have your clarinet and reeds ready to go.

  • Printed music: Both student and teacher should have printed music with numbered measures on a music stand. Have a notebook and pencil ready for practice goals.

  • Ear pods: Ear pods or headphones with microphones can reduce noisy feedback. Wireless ear pods are helpful.




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