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Checklist to prepare for online lessons

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Do you want to make the most of your lesson time? Here is a checklist for teachers and

students to help you prepare for your first lesson.

  • Device: A laptop or tablet with good WiFi works better than a smartphone. Check your camera ahead of time to be sure the camera is displaying your entire head, upper body, and instrument.

  • Lighting: Position yourself with adequate lighting, such as a window, in front of you in a quiet room.

  • Instrument: Have your clarinet and reeds ready to go.

  • Printed music: Both student and teacher should have printed music with numbered measures on a music stand. Have a notebook and pencil ready for practice goals.

  • Ear pods: Ear pods or headphones with microphones can reduce noisy feedback.

Thanks for reading. Check out this post to for my recommendations for beginner clarinet equipment that you'll need to get started.

Happy Clarineting!


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