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60 Second Scales

We've all heard that "practice makes perfect." Not true. Practice makes things permanent, so it is important to work carefully when you are learning your scales.

For students learning scales for the first (or second or third) time, the mental work needs to come before the actual practicing to avoid making frequent flub-ups permanent.

This is NOT a in-depth discussion about music theory or how students can use the circle of fourths to understand keys. This is a practical answer to the problem that many young musicians have when they find themselves fumbling through the same scales, year after year. Watch for more about How to Learn Scales.


For students who could use bite-sized play-along tutorials on specific scales, "60 Second Scales" is for you.


Faced with shortened or even zero rehearsal time and a myriad of other obstacles, my heart is with band directors, music teachers, and music students everywhere. Watching and playing with videos at home does not take the place of a qualified instructor, but in today's world, students may not have adequate access for a variety of reasons. Through, I am dedicated to bridge the gap to help every young musician succeed.



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