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Apparently, I'm an influencer. Whatever that means.

This month, was named among the Top 20 Clarinet Blogs, Websites, and Influencers in 2020. I'm really not sure what this means, because I don't offer quick and easy tips for anything, I don't publish stunning Instagram photos, and my YouTube channel is definitely not giving away cars like MrBeast.

What IS is a way to connect and share practical, real-world advice to help clarinet students and teachers. I've been blessed to know insightful teachers, honest students, and talented conductors who have all helped me discover what works and what doesn't work well for most students.

If you want fashion advice, cute kittens, or pop culture, I can't really help you. As far as influencing ANYONE to do ANYTHING, nope, not me. But if you are looking for clarinet solos to play, reeds to try, or a music stand that doesn't sink, then subscribe below to connect because I am passionate and excited to share all this with you.

Happy Clarineting,


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